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Recognizing the Physical Signs of Intoxication Recognizing the Behavioral Signs of Intoxication Helping Someone Who is Intoxicated Community Q&A How can you tell if someone is tipsy, drunk, intoxicated, or over-served?

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When the “loser” leaves, the cashier reaches in the trash and claims the winning ticket. He enters a coffee shop and introduces himself, makes small talk. When GM’s sure the cashier knows it’s a , he orders a coffee. He told me that when he was young, the bank foreclosed on his father’s home because of a glitch with the mortgage.“You need to be good at misdirection, distracting a mark’s attention at crucial moments. “Know their routine, like when they pick up their kids, when they leave for work. You can’t predict what an erratic person will do.” Suckering a mark is all about gaining their trust and managing their perception of you.