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Admitting yesterday "we've never seen a copy of the film," Dhalla, 35, said "they are misrepresenting myself ...

they put my face on someone else's body, in clothes I never wore." CLAIMS NO WAIVER She also denied producer and co-star Charanjit "Chico" Sihra's claims she signed a distribution waiver, was paid ,000 or gave a supportive TV interview at the premiere in an Albion Rd. "We've asked them repeatedly to provide consent forms for the film, which I never signed," she said. (of Chiropractic) Dhalla, and I've mingled with enough of her employees, and caucus colleagues to validate my own rather unflaterring impressions of her...

The paper said she tried to stop the distribution of the posters and photos for the low-budget 2003 film made in Canada, claiming they were "doctored".

Ruby alleged that "opportunists" were trying to exploit her MP status.

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Ruby, who first "justified" the violence, later retracted her statement and claimed she was quoted out-of-context.In 1995, she joined the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and became the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in 1999.Unfortunately after much research the list of Desi Sugar Daddies had got just few new editions.In 2009, the Toronto Sun carried a lead story alleging that two nannies hired to look after Ruby's mother had been illegally employed and mistreated. The same paper racked up another row, saying Ruby tried to block the DVD sales of the film Kyon Kis Liye, in which she played the lead role.

Ruby reportedly had some steamy scenes in the movie.

Delhi based failed tycoon -Atul Punj who is more famous for his private jets and the fact that he lent it to Arjun Rampal for free to fly in his Bollywood friend for one of LAP’s anniversary is still stuck with his curly haired ex-model bimbo, Vasuki. A powerful politician from Punjab is new in the list of Sugar Daddies.