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Afterward, she promises to train the party more if their paths cross again and gives them a ride to the industrial town of Lestallum on an imperial airship.When the party arrives in Tenebrae, they encounter Aranea.Aranea lends her aid to Noctis once more by arranging for Biggs and Wedge to take the party to the Imperial capital of Gralea.She notes one of Noctis's friends, Prompto, is missing from his party.When Noctis is looking for mythril in Vesperpool he gets help from the Chancellor of Niflheim, Ardyn Izunia, who has Aranea join Noctis's party as they raid a temple to "train them".Aranea is suspicious of the empire's recent activities, and reveals the empire is harvesting "specimens" to make into daemons for warfare.Imperial airborne division commodore known for captaining a distinct red aircraft as well as a squad of mercenaries.

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They fight through legions of daemons and defeat Quetzalcoatl, the temple guardian, and retrieve the ore it protected.She does not agree with immoral practices, such as the empire using daemons in their war efforts.As a free-spirited woman, she encourages Prince Noctis to not let anyone tell him how to walk his path in life.She eventually defects to save innocent people and hunt daemons rather than harvest them for the empire as she had been doing before.

In Episode Prompto, she alone sets out to defeat the empire's newest magitek monster, and to look for Noctis's friend.

Though she is hard on Prompto and threatens to abandon him if he doesn't keep up with her, it is implied she is doing it to snap him out of his indecisive state.