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One year after the release of Sucking Wild, most probably at the age of nineteen because he was eighteen when they released their first album so I suppose eighteen plus one is nineteen, Dislexi, to world's great surprise, stopped drinking coffee and alcohol.Instead, he started drinking tea, cola, whiskey (he thaught it's not an alcoholic drink) and ginger juice, and he ate thirty pounds of popcorn, twenty-two fresh fishes, two hot waitresses and five chocolate cakes.In fact, Dislexi's mother was Dislexi because she named Dislexi Dislexi instead of Alexi...) and Overboiled Assarene on occasion in addition to Gaymen, or at least they think so.He was born recording a video-tape which she labeled "How I Loved A Dog", which was on the other hand inspired by Steve Vai's song "Four Of Them Loved A Dog", and it was especially influential on Dislexi's decision to become a "git-arsist".Wait a second, that just might be the purpose of that act! Anyway, with the release of Children of Bottom's debut ("de-butt", as Dislexi prefers to call it) Sucking Wild, the band paid a visit to Overboiled Assarene in Russia, where Dislexi got drunk, and joined the latter band as a lead "git-arsist".Dislexi stayed with Overboiled Assarene and drank their coffee and alcohol until 2001.His oral influences came mostly from Pedo-Phil Anselmo (from Facktera) and Mille Fartozza (from Kreasstor). with friends from the conservatory, Dislexi founded in 1993 the black-neck/neo-redneck/who-like-Shrek-and-occasionally-watch-Star-Trek metal band called Retarthe D (which later became Children of Bottom) together with drummer Jaska Raadickainen and then-bassist Samuli Minititinen.He was also involved in inserting various things taken out of sand. At the age of sixteen, Dislexi found out about existence of certain institutions called "schools".

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Dislexi needed new dildos, but Michael Jackson had just sold the stolen ones to the Tender Homosexical Dildos Company and wasn't able to build a custom dildo for Dislexi for at least one year because it would become obvious that he was the thief and that he stole the dildos just so he could sell new ones to Dislexi and earn some extra cash (plus, of course, the cash he earned by selling the stolen dildos to Tender Homosexical Dildos Company).I just thought "Oh cool they have a girl in the band" and then he started singing and i went "Wait a minute..."So anyways, I've noticed that Alexi.... Me: He reminds me of you And then everything will be all lovey dovey blablabla I think you're cute and he'll be happy and everybody will love each other Seriously, Alexi is freaking hot O_o I should stop looking at pictures of him Dear god, why? I am not talking to the christian god, just any god, andy being or what ever is controlling the world. I've been watching some videos of Children of Bodom.

The very first time I saw one, I thought that their singer was a girl XD It was a really switching video, so you didn't really get a good look at anyone. So I've decided that the next time I see him, this is what I'm hoping the conversaton will go like: Me: You know Alexi from Bodom? He decided to skip regular breakfasts and instead practiced his butt-training with increasing frequency.

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