Adultfriendfinder philippino scammers

11-Jul-2017 03:55

"Because if it's a fellow Marine, I'm more likely to accept that friend request." Catching and punishing these scammers has proven exceedingly difficult.NCIS officials say that, despite all of the reports, they've been unable to prosecute even one perpetrator.He was concerned that his video might appear online. In fact, when the threat first surfaced, Facebook Singapore contacted NCIS to alert authorities that U. sailors and Marines had reported numerous Philippine-based Facebook accounts as potential scammers.In those cases, service members received friend requests and messages from accounts claiming to belong to women.Threatening that their career may go down the drain is terrifying to a young service member." The sailor who spoke with Military Times said that if service members are on social media, they should refrain from posting photos of themselves in uniform.Don't list your job either, he said, and if a scammer says they can revoke a security clearance, it's likely an empty threat.

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Philippine law enforcement busted one such criminal ring earlier this year, she said, arresting an office of 50. It had a payroll and offered bonuses to employees who swindled the most money.

If you're going to chat with strangers online, he said, don't be so quick to get undressed.

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